An Exponential Discrepancy Model for Attitude Evaluation

  • Hillel J. Einhorn
  • Nicholas J. Gonedes
Part of the Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems book series (LNE, volume 132)


A model based on an exponential decay function is formulated to deal with evaluation based on discrepancy. This evaluation concerns discrepancy based on attitudes and specifically hypothesizes that as discrepancy from one’s ideal point increases, evaluation of a multidimensional stimulus object will decrease. The model is applied to experimental data dealing with the evaluation of political candidates and is found to give a good fit for the obtained data. In addition, the parameters of the model are shown to be related to the intensity of an attitude, and it is further shown that the results could be interpreted in terms of the psychological concepts of latitudes of acceptance, rejection, and noncommitment.

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  • Hillel J. Einhorn
  • Nicholas J. Gonedes

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