Interleukin — 8 and Related Cytokines

  • M. Baggiolini
  • B. Moser
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Our understanding of the pathophysiology of neutrophil recruitment into diseased tissues is based on Metschnikoff’s concept of inflammation as a protective process, in which neutrophils act as scavengers of microorganisms and other unwanted material. Neutrophil enzymes (Metschnikoff’s cytases) bring about the intracellular digestion, but also lead to tissue damage when they escape from the phagocytic vacuoles. The study of phagocyte activation and migration became possible with the identification of chemotactic agonists. The existence of tissue-derived chemoattractants was postulated for quite some time, and cytokines and other cell-derived factors with apparent chemotactic properties were studied extensively (reviewed by Baggiolini et al 1992). The discovery of a novel neutrophil-activating protein, which is now called interleukin-8 (IL-8), and of several related cytokines (Baggiolini et al 1989, Baggiolini and Sorg 1992) has greatly widened our understanding of the mechanisms of neutrophil immigration into infected or otherwise injured tissues.


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