Channeling Radiation — Quantum Theory

  • J. U. Andersen
  • E. Bonderup
  • E. Laegsgaard
Part of the Topics in Current Physics book series (TCPHY, volume 38)


A general introduction to channeling and channeling radiation is followed by a derivation of a wave equation for the transverse motion of a channeled particle. Owing to the predominance of forward scattering, the deoth of penetration can be treated as a time variable in this equation, and it assumes the form of a time-dependent Schrödinger equation. It is obtained from the Klein-Gordon equation, including interaction with the radiation field. The neglect of spin simplifies the formulation considerably, and it is argued to be well justified in the description of channeling radiation. The treatment also allows a natural inclusion of interaction with the crystal degrees of freedom, which leads to instability of channeling states and line broadening of the radiation. Both thermal and electronic contributions to scattering are discussed in detail, and their influence on the frequency distribution and intensity of channeling radiation is illustrated by comparisons with exoeriment. This scattering is important for the potential applications considered in the last section.


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  • J. U. Andersen
  • E. Bonderup
  • E. Laegsgaard

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