Evaluation of the Coordinated Control of Activated Glycolysis and Respiration by Orthophosphate and ADP in Ascites Tumor Cells

  • E. L. Coe
  • Mary H. Coe
  • In-Young Lee
Conference paper


During the first minute after addition of glucose to respiring ascites tumor cells, there are two internally regulated glycolytic units: hexokinase through phospho-fructokinase; and triose-P dehydrogenase through lactate dehydrogenase. The velocity of the former, V PFK, and of the latter V LDH, as well as the velocities of respiration and ATP hydrolysis are linear functions of both ADP and intracellular Pi. Expressions for d/dt(ADP) and d/dt(Pi) are solved for ADP, assuming various combinations of ADP and Pi dependence for the velocities. Comparisons of theoretical and experimental ADP curves indicate that neither ADP nor Pi control both V PFK and V LDH, but that Pi probably controls V PFK while ADP controls V LDH.


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  • E. L. Coe
  • Mary H. Coe
  • In-Young Lee

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