An Information System for Transplant Data
  • E. Keppel
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Medical Informatics book series (LNMED, volume 34)


A transplant information system being developed in the framework of a joint research project between the IBM Heidelberg Scientific Center and the Department of Transplant Immunology of the University of Heidelberg will be presented. The system aims at exploiting computer network facilities to provide distributed information processing services to geographically disseminated transplant centers.

The system provides services on a central dedicated system to collect, manage, and evaluate relevant transplant data for various types of collaborative multi-center studies. At remote sites, PC front-ends are linked to the central transplant information system. These allow to perform remote database update of study data, make available some of the central services, and provide computer power to local users for their own needs. On the central computer specific tools, procedures, and reference data are accessible by remote transplant centers to support their daily clinical routine regarding immunological problems.

EARN is the broadcasting vehicle for information exchange. The system provides facilities for central study administrators to design databases for collaborative studies and to control central system access. Remote local autonomy and flexibility for adaptation to local needs is achieved by means of a distributed data dictionary which monitors the centrally controlled procedures.


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