Synthetic Cleansers — Chemical Constituents

  • W. Schneider
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Synthetic cleansers belong to the more modem toiletries. They were “born” only a short while ago, quite unlike such products as soap, creams, lotions, or toothpaste that have been around for very much longer. In Germany, and in Europe as a whole, synthetic cleansers first appeared in the mid-Fifties. (Figure 1 shows an advertisement for one of the first cleanser bars marketed in Germany, featuring the novelty of the product.) At first, there were great hopes of future sales developments [1–4]. Whilst the cleansers may, perhaps, not have done as well as originally expected, they have established their position worldwide, as personal cleaning agents that share the market with soap.


Synthetic Detergent Amine Oxide Toilet Soap Amphoteric Surfactant Lime Soap Dispersant 
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