Deep-Hole Drilling Using Rock-Breaking Tool Set with Super-Hard Composites

  • I. F. Vovchanovskiy
  • N. A. Bondarenko
Conference paper
Part of the Exploration of the Deep Continental Crust book series (EXPLORATION)


The Institute for Super-Hard Materials (ISM) has done much research work on the development of new super-hard composite materials which combine hard alloys and diamond. The combination of two highly efficient tool materials, differing in nature, allows making composites which are favorably comparable with large natural diamonds in terms of wear resistance. The synergistic combination of diamond and hard alloy is due to the attainment of the appropriate phase and structural compositions.


Clay Quartz Graphite Carbide Cobalt 


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  • I. F. Vovchanovskiy
  • N. A. Bondarenko
    • 1
  1. 1.Institute for Super-Hard MaterialsUkrSSR Academy of SciencesKievUSSR

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