Volunteers in Sport for the Disabled: A Case Study

  • J. Drowatzky
  • H. Marcal
Conference paper


In September 1980 I (J. D.) was contacted to see if I would be willing to serve as a volunteer professional for 2 weeks in the state of Parana, Brazil. The goal of this volunteer project was to assist in the development of physical education and rehabilitation programmes for the mentally retarded and to establish an exchange between Toledo, Ohio and the Brazilian cities of Curitiba and Londrina. This project involving physical education and sport for the handicapped is a part of the Partners of the Americas programme, which links a United States state with a counterpart state, region or nation in Central or South America to share skills and work towards achieving greater international co-operation and understanding among the peoples of the Western Hemispheres. This case study presents the preparation, project execution and post-project phases involved in such a project.


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