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Schistosomiasis in Ibadan, Western Nigeria

  • G. M. Edington


The part that schistosomiasis plays in morbidity and mortality rates in West Africa is controversial and has still to be finally assessed. Cowper [3] has recently reviewed the literature on schistosomiasis in Nigeria and considered that Ibadan, the capital city of Western Nigeria with a population of approximately 500,000 was the center of a holoendemic area. The Department of Pathology in the University College Hospital, Ibadan examines 4–5,000 surgical biopsies annually and over 1,000 necropsies are performed — a hospital rate of over 80%. In addition, a three year cancer rate survey in Ibadan has just been completed [6]. It was considered, therefore, that an examination of this material would be of value in assessing the importance of schistosomiasis as a cause of moribidity and mortality in the community.


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