Phase I Evaluation of cis-Platinum (II) Diamminedichloride (PDD) and a Combination of PDD Plus Adriamycin

  • H. J. WallaceJr
  • D. J. Higby
Part of the Recent Results in Cancer Research book series (RECENTCANCER, volume 48)


A phase I clinical trial of cis-platinum (II) diamminedichloride (PDD) was initiated at Roswell Park Memorial Institute in August 1971. The pre-clinical studies of this inorganic compound indicated a striking activity in several animal tumor models including Dunning ascitic leukemia and Walker 256 carcinosarcoma, Sarcoma 180, and DMBA induced mammary tumors in female rats [3, 4, 5]. The spectrum of toxic effects in these and other pre-clinical studies suggested the possibility of some specificity of activity in human cancers. The genitourinary tract in rats, dogs, and monkeys showed evidence of severe tissue injury at less than lethal doses [1, 2]. Acute tubular necrosis with azotemia and marked atrophy of the prostate gland were seen in monkeys and dogs and testicular atrophy was seen in monkeys. We, therefore, sought patients with advanced genitourinary cancer for inclusion in this study.


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