Ausländische Fallstudien

  • Stefan Kuhlmann
  • Doris Holland
Part of the Technik, Wirtschaft und Politik book series (TECH.WIRTSCHAFT, volume 12)


Program evaluation is both art and science. If evaluation is to be effective and useful, it must be analytically sound, but at the same time its design and conduct must accommodate the political and organizational factors that inevitably shape its support and use. Thus, one would expect that national “systems” of evaluation, to the extent that such exist, will reflect the characteristics of the political systems in which they reside. The United States and Canada should present interesting contrasts in this regard. While both are advanced industrial democracies, the built-in decentralization of authority in the U.S. system should support a similarly decentralized and uncoordinated evaluation activity; Canada’s parliamentary system, coupled with its much smaller size, would be expected to support a much more centralized evaluation activity.


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