Optimal Investment Policy

  • A. R. Dobell
  • Y. C. Ho
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Operations Research and Mathematical Economics book series (LNE, volume 11/12)


We wish to discuss here a small-scale problem which is condiderably less abstract than most of the contributions so far in this conference. On the other hand, being more concrete, it may serve to illustrate some of the concepts introduced by earlier speakers, and some of the possible applications of control theory in particular problems in economics. The example has served two purposes for us: in the first place it provided a little experience in approaches to computing an optimal path for a problem with an essential state-space constraint and singular arcs; in the second place, it served as a starting point in a more extensive program of research. Perhaps it is not out of place here to sketch a rough outline of the general direction of this work.


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  • Y. C. Ho

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