Control as Programming in General Normed Linear Spaces

  • Hubert Halkin
  • Lucien W. Neustadt
Part of the Lecture Notes in Operations Research and Mathematical Economics book series (LNE, volume 11/12)


The theory of necessary conditions for optimal control problems can be presented in various forms. In these lectures we shall present a relatively recent form of that theory in which optimal control problems are considered as mathematical programming problems in infinite dimensional spaces. In Section I we shall define a very general mathematical programming problem and in Theorem I we shall state a necessary condition for that problem, A suitable background and appropriate references for Section I can be found in Halkin and Neustadt.[1] A simple proof of Theorem I is given in Halkin.[2] In Section II we shall study the dynamics of a control problem and in Theorem II we shall prove that for a general class of control problems the assumptions of Theorem I are satisfied.


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  • Hubert Halkin
  • Lucien W. Neustadt

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