Characteristics of Sugar Transport in the Rabbit Adrenal Studies by Non-Utilizable Pentoses and Xylitol

  • Seiichiro Tarui
  • Yoshikazu Saito
Conference paper


Passage of sugars and polyols across the cell membrane is the first rate-limiting step in metabolism of these substances and, in particular, glucose transport in some tissues is a site of hormonal regulation. Some tissues show active transport for glucose; that is, a process which must be maintained by energy derived from metabolism in order to move sugars from a lower into a higher concentration. Generally speaking, the tissues having a specialized system of active transport for glucose are situated on the boundary between internal and external environments. Intestinal absorption or tubular reabsorption of glucose is known to be an active transport process. However, up to the present, these systems of active transport for glucose have not been shown to be influenced directly by any hormones. The hormone-sensitive sugar transfer is, so far, limited to a process of downhill transport and the stereospecificity of the hormone effect provides evidence for the existence of a transport carrier system.


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  • Seiichiro Tarui
    • 1
  • Yoshikazu Saito
    • 1
  1. 1.Second Department of Internal MedicineOsaka University Medical SchoolOsakaJapan

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