Pure and Lazy Lambda Mining

An Experience Report
  • Nicolas WuEmail author
  • José Pedro MagalhãesEmail author
  • Jeroen BransenEmail author
  • Wouter SwierstraEmail author
Conference paper
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This paper discusses our entry to the 2012 ICFP Programming Contest, written entirely in Haskell. Our solution uses many features of Haskell: pure immutable data structures, laziness, higher-order functions, concurrency, and exception handling. Each of these features plays an essential part in our overall solution, and we demonstrate how these key elements can be composed together. In this exposition, we stress the importance of how the code was structured in such a way that made safely refactoring and extending the model a relatively easy task, and how Haskell’s strong type system made it possible for our team to remain agile under changing specifications.


Functional Programming Game State Game Tree Tile Type Exception Handling 
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