Conclusions and a Look Ahead

  • Ferri Abolhassan
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Our survey of “IT Production in the 21st Century” has cast a wide net. It has taken a look at the key aspects of IT industrialization and introduced models that IT units and entire IT service organizations will find useful in their practical work. To name but a few selected aspects, these included ways to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve quality over the short, medium, and long term. At the same time, the exploration has shown that standardization and automation are not making equal progress in all cases, with obvious differences remaining at different places in processes, infrastructures, and services. For IT professionals, the next challenge will be to level these differences and to get the evolution of technology and processes better aligned. We can consider this to be an essential conclusion of this work: The advancing industrialization of technologies needs to keep in step with the evolution of processes, and vice versa. This is easier said than done, as innovation never rests and the competition never sleeps. How to master this challenge will be one of the most exciting questions for businesses going forward.


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