Sustainable Development-Oriented Supply Chain Management for Tourism E-commerce

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The supply chain management for tourism refers to the planning, organiz- ing, coordinating and controlling of information flow, capital flow and service flow in the supply chain for tourism. The application of e-commerce and related informa- tion technology is the new business models and inevitable choice of tourism upgrade and sustainable development, and promotes the transformation of the production factors in traditional tourism industry. As a result, the asymmetrical and incomplete information problem can be solved, and tourism resources can be exploited deeply and the structure of tourism products can be optimized at the same time. This article describes the promotion of tourism e-commerce to industrial upgrading, analyzes the tourism supply chain structure in the e-commerce environment, and proposes the optimization strategies of e-commerce for supply chain management in tourism.


Tourism supply chain E-commerce Industrial structure upgrading Operation mechanism Management strategies 


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  2. 2.Business SchoolSichuan UniversityChengduPeople’s Republic of China

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