Analysis on Forming Mechanism and Realization Path of Innovative Cluster

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The traction of innovative cluster in the regional economic development is gradually highlighted. In this paper, the forming mechanism of its innovative ability and the realization path would be discussed. Through the theoretical analysis of the literature, combining with the analysis of the practical issues in the operation of innovative cluster at home and abroad, the article suggests that this forming mechanism derives itself from various factors, such as knowledge spillover, entrepreneurs, government leadership, the stimulation of entrepreneurship, different stages of industry life cycle and so on. At the same time, this paper offers some successful experiences of the innovative clusters all over the world to explain realization path. The paper argues that the problems existing in the developing process are associated with the lack of forming mechanism. Finally, the preliminary countermeasures about overall planning, introducing the subject of cultivation and developing the middle cooperative organization are proposed.


Innovative cluster Forming mechanism Realization path 


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