Pharmacologic Vitreolysis: Clinical Trial Data

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Pharmacologic vitreolysis refers to the administration of an agent to induce vitreous liquefaction and/or vitreoretinal separation in an attempt to treat vitreoretinal disorders. Enzymes that target one or more of the substrates that make up the vitreous and/or the “molecular glue” at the vitreoretinal interface have received the most attention in the search for a safe and effective pharmacologic vitreolytic agent. Although there is currently no pharmacologic therapy approved for treatment of diseases of the vitreo-macular interface, encouraging clinical results have been reported in recent years. The results of available clinical evaluations of the following agents are discussed in this chapter: collagenase, hyaluronidase, vitreosolve, tissue plasminogen activator, plasmin, and ocriplasmin.


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