The Coronas-F Space Mission

Volume 400 of the series Astrophysics and Space Science Library pp 55-127


Study of Active Phenomena in the Solar Corona in the 8–350 Å Range by Imaging Spectroscopy Methods (SPIRIT Experiment)

  • I. A. ZhitnikAffiliated withLPI 
  • , S. V. KuzinAffiliated withLPI
  • , S. A. BogachevAffiliated withLPI
  • , O. I. BugaenkoAffiliated withLPI
  • , Yu. S. IvanovAffiliated withLPI
  • , A. P. IgnatyevAffiliated withLPI
  • , V. V. KrutovAffiliated withLPI
  • , A. V. MitrofanovAffiliated withLPI
  • , S. N. OparinAffiliated withLPI
    • , A. A. PertsovAffiliated withLPI
    • , V. A. SlemzinAffiliated withLPI
    • , N. K. SukhodrevAffiliated withLPI
    • , I. I. SobelmanAffiliated withLPI 
    • , A. M. UrnovAffiliated withLPI
    • , S. V. ShestovAffiliated withLPI
    • , F. F. GoryaevAffiliated withLPI

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This review presents the basic characteristics of the SPIRIT instrument onboard the CORONAS-F satellite, description of observation programmes, summary of observation sessions and scientific data obtained, as well as the main results in the research of hot coronal plasma, solar flares and the eruptive phenomena.