CORONAS-F: Infrastructure and Organization of the Information Exchange

  • A. I. OsinEmail author
  • E. P. Trushkina
  • A. A. Freizon
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The success of space missions depends to a large extent on their information support. The infrastructure and the routine work on receiving telemetry information, passing it to the computing centers, preprocessing, and delivery to the users (participants of scientific experiments) must be maintained around the clock all over the spacecraft flight period that usually lasts several years. All these functions must be performed promptly because the operating modes of the on board scientific equipment are scheduled on the basis of data received from the spacecraft. Nowadays, the information support of space missions is unthinkable without developing and managing a special information resource (WEB site) in the Internet. The WEB site of the mission is a means of coordination of the efforts of all participants of a scientific experiment and, simultaneously, a valuable tool for making the results obtained available to the scientific community.


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