CORONAS-F Project: The Study of Solar Activity and Its Effects on the Earth

  • V. D. KuznetsovEmail author
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The CORONAS-F space mission is characterized in general terms as part of the Russian CORONAS space project aimed at the study of solar activity and solar-terrestrial coupling. The composition of the scientific payload and the basic characteristic of the instruments are described. Some observations carried out on board the CORONAS-F satellite are discussed, including global oscillations of the Sun, active regions, flares and mass ejections, high-energy particles in near-Earth space, etc. The results of investigation of the Earth’s upper atmosphere are provided as obtained from the analysis of the absorption of solar hard X-rays at shadow entry and shadow exit of the satellite, as well as the night glow events caused by solar radiation fluxes, galactic cosmic rays, and precipitations of charged particles from the magnetosphere.


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