Case Study: Identifying Gamification Opportunities in Sales Applications

  • Joëlle Carignan
  • Sally Lawler Kennedy
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This paper presents results from interviews aimed at identifying end-users interest in a gamified Sales application, motivations, and information sharing concerns. A promotional video was used to introduce the concept of gamification to participants in order to allow them to form an opinion on the concept. Participants had mixed reactions, ranging from skeptical to positive. For some participants, a game would need to be aligned with their primary work goal, but others were interested in making connections with coworkers or increased sales knowledge. The interviews provided basic information early in the design lifecycle and helped in gaining support from the management team for the validation of a prototype. The paper describes results from the study and provides insights into the design process for the gamification of enterprise software.


CRM Design Enterprise Software Gamification Research Methods Sales User Experience 


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  • Joëlle Carignan
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  • Sally Lawler Kennedy
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  1. 1.SAP LabsPalo AltoUSA

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