Ontology Matching

pp 353-375

User Involvement

  • Jérôme EuzenatAffiliated withINRIA and LIG
  • , Pavel ShvaikoAffiliated withInformatica Trentina SpA, while at Department of Engineering and Computer Science (DISI), University of Trento, while at Web of Data, Bruno Kessler Foundation - IRST

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This chapter considers how ontology matching techniques and human users interact from a technical perspective (rather than from organisational or social ones (von Hippel 2005)). This may occur because some functions of matching, such as finding anchors, are partially or completely carried out by individual users (Sect. 11.1) or sets of users (Sect. 11.2). The ability to explain alignments to users is also an important factor in the success of user involvement (Sect. 11.3). Finally, special attention is paid to tools for communicating with users and, more particularly, to alignment visualisers and editors (Sect. 11.4).