A Filter Algorithm to Extract the Relevant Read Events

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The worst thing that could happen in a unique identifier network is that confidential data is revealed to unauthorized clients. This would destroy trust in the complete unique identifier network and participants would stop sharing data with each other. Thus, a discovery service must only query read event repositories for read events that are really related to the item of interest. As shown in the previous chapter, the search algorithm might return read events that are not directly related to the item of interest. Therefore, I introduce a filter algorithm that processes all read events returned by the search algorithm and evaluates whether they are valid for a given item of interest or not. In parallel to that, I propose to include an ‘analytical’ interface to the discovery service that returns the unfiltered events. This can be used in exceptional situations to investigate the lifecycle of an event. Of course, a proper security and authorization concept must be in place, which is out of scope for this dissertation.

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