PIC2LNT: Model Transformation for Model Checking an Applied Pi-Calculus

  • Radu Mateescu
  • Gwen Salaün
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 7795)


The π-calculus [12] was proposed by Milner, Parrow, and Walker about twenty years ago for describing concurrent systems with mobile communication. The π-calculus is equipped with operational semantics defined in terms of Ltss (Labelled Transition Systems). Although a lot of theoretical results have been achieved on this language (see, e.g., [1, chapter 8] for a survey), only a few verification tools have been designed for analysing π-calculus specifications automatically. The two most famous examples are the Mobility Workbench (Mwb) [14] and Jack [5], which were developed in the 90s.


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  • Gwen Salaün
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  2. 2.Grenoble INPFrance

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