Qualitative Analysis for Trust Management

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  • Simon N. Foley
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This is joint work between myself and my co-author Vivien Rooney, who’s a PhD student in Applied Psychology in Cork. We were looking at the problem of how to come up with trust management polices that could be used to govern how photographs should be shared, not just applications like Facebook, but perhaps even photographs on telephones, whether or not it’s OK to share a particular photograph with your friends. So I had this particular photograph here, which is just an example of a photograph from my iPhoto library, and I got to thinking, was it such a good idea to be showing people this particular photograph, I’m effectively sharing this photograph with the audience. Now I own this photograph but I don’t know, is it good for me to be sharing it, you know, there’s people in this photograph, it looks like it’s a public place, but I haven’t got anybody’s consent for showing you this photograph.


Bayesian Network Security Policy Trust Management Ground Theory Probabilistic Variable 
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