Tool Integration with the Evidential Tool Bus

  • Simon Cruanes
  • Gregoire Hamon
  • Sam Owre
  • Natarajan Shankar
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 7737)


Formal and semi-formal tools are now being used in large projects both for development and certification. A typical project integrates many diverse tools such as static analyzers, model checkers, test generators, and constraint solvers. These tools are usually integrated in an ad hoc manner. There is, however, a need for a tool integration framework that can be used to systematically create workflows, to generate claims along with supporting evidence, and to maintain the claims and evidence as the inputs change. We present the Evidential Tool Bus (ETB) as a tool integration framework for constructing claims supported by evidence. ETB employs a variant of Datalog as a metalanguage for representing claims, rules, and evidence, and as a scripting language for capturing distributed workflows. ETB can be used to develop assurance cases for certifying complex systems that are developed and assured using a range of tools. We describe the design and prototype implementation of the ETB architecture, and present examples of formal verification workflows defined using ETB.


Certification Formal techniques Hybrid techniques Tool integration Workflow 


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  • Simon Cruanes
    • 1
  • Gregoire Hamon
    • 2
  • Sam Owre
    • 2
  • Natarajan Shankar
    • 2
  1. 1.Ecole PolytechniquePalaiseauFrance
  2. 2.Computer Science LaboratorySRI InternationalMenlo ParkUSA

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