HAPBA - A BDI Agent Based Solution for Holonic Manufacturing Execution Systems

  • Carlos Pascal
  • Doru Panescu
Part of the Studies in Computational Intelligence book series (SCI, volume 472)


BDI reasoning mechanism is a well known AI inference approach. Even so, its use in solving the deliberative phase of holonic agents within Holonic Manufacturing Execution Systems still raises open problems. This paper presents the main issues on applying the BDI mechanism in a new holonic structure named HAPBA, which is an instantiation of PROSA reference architecture. The appropriate Petri net models are presented, allowing the analysis of the holonic scheme performance.


Agents BDI holons Petri nets coordination manufacturing 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of Automatic Control and Applied Informatics”Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of IasiIasiRomania

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