Research on Emerging Land Market Based on Surveying and Mapping

  • Qiquan Pan
Conference paper
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Along with the social economy’s development, security, environmental protection concept deepening, and requirements for emerging land redevelopment, sorting and recycling Survey and mapping technology is a new land development project, an important key link, which should increase the wealth of society, promote the protection of the ecological environment, and promote the social harmony, make sustainable development as the reference point, and make full use of Surveying and mapping technology for new land market development work to improve beneficial support. This paper summarizes the abundant use of surveying and mapping technology and work experience, uses the modern new surveying technology GPS real-time dynamic measurement system to measure and location the new land, and the establishment of management information system database. The surveying and mapping technology in emerging land market development projects play a superior effect and strong support.


Mapping technology New land GPS Information management 


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