Study on Pathway of Administrative Discretion Standard

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The justice was achieved in one case how to prevent the arbitrariness in the administrative discretion. It becomes current hot spot and core in practices of the social management and administrative. Based on the concept’s interpretation, value direction, and rule deduction of the administrative discretion standard that are standardized the existing discretion power and as compact as possible the space of the existing discretion power, we study on its pathway. And it is pointed out that it is applied to dealing with the power’s structure between individuals and societies on the micro side.


Administrative discretion standard The justice of individual case Concept’s interpretation Value direction Rule deduction 



The research is supported by Research Fund of Southwestern University (NO. SWU1209301) and Humanities and Social sciences Research Fund of Chongqing Municipal Education Commission (NO. RWSK-CQJY201101).


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  1. 1.School of Politic Science and Public Management Southwest UniversityChongquingChina

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