Study on Development Strategy of China’s Foreign Project Contracting

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The growth trend of China’s foreign contracted projects will continue, and will promote the export of equipment, raw materials, labor, and promote the development of domestic construction, manufacturing, transportation, finance, and other related industries. However, there are some problems in the development of the foreign project contracting enterprises, from the macro-level point of view; the policy supply is inadequate, insufficient financial support for policy-oriented financial institutions. From the point of view of the enterprise level, China has not established a modern enterprise system fully with international standards, a single business structure, knowledge content, and added value of products and services. Therefore proposals put forward are as follows: Improve the level of foreign project contracting enterprises, standardize corporate governance, raise the level of scientific and technological innovation, and guide the direction of the business, to broaden the field of internal and external cooperation, composed of large enterprises to compete at a higher level.


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