Efficient English Teaching Scheme Based on Multimedia

  • Pingping Liu
Conference paper
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The twenty-first century is not only an information age, but also the era of knowledge economy. The twenty-first century knowledge-based economies require personnel with practical ability, interpersonal skills, and ability to innovate. With the surge in today’s information and in-depth development of education reform, the traditional education increasingly faced with enormous challenges, teaching methods and teaching methods of reform are imperative, As a new form of education and modern teaching methods of multimedia technology to the traditional education has brought new hope and influence to urge educators to every thought, to practice. From multimedia in the teaching of English on the edge in English teaching how to make full use of a computer as the core of information technology, training students in self-learning ability, and the analysis of the process of teaching to pay attention to the problem.


Multimedia English teaching Interest in learning 


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  1. 1.Public English Teaching and Research SectionShandong Vocational College of Science and TechnologyWei FangChina

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