Study on Suitable Exception of National Anti-Monopoly Law Based on Economics Curves

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Based on the literature of the national anti-monopoly, this paper analyzed the relevant law of the applicable exception mechanism and the anti-monopoly law. It came to the conclusion on premise principles, means, and modes of the applicable exception mechanism in Chinese anti-monopoly law. Meanwhile, it analyzed from the angle of economics and under the anti-monopoly applicable exception mechanism that how the monopoly manufacturers realized the effective competition in the condition of the economies of scale and competition efficiency. And it pointed out the analysis which was about the necessity and importance of the applicable exception mechanism on the national anti-monopoly law not only helped to safeguard the social interest and promoted the progress of technology and innovation but also helped to improve the comprehensive national strength and promoted and perfected the national anti-monopoly law.


Anti-monopoly law Applicable exception mechanism Economics Competition Curve equation 


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