Supporting Similarity Range Queries Efficiently by Using Reference Points in Structured P2P Overlays

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In recent years, the research issues in peer to peer (P2P) systems have been discussed widely. In a P2P system, the role of each node is the same, and the nodes simultaneously function as both clients and servers to the other nodes on the network. Many studies have been proposed for solving different problems to improve the performance of P2P systems. To solve file availability and network flow problems, a method named distributed hash tables (DHT) has been proposed. However, these DHT-based systems are not able to support efficient queries such as similarity queries, range queries, and skyline queries.

In this paper, a novel method for supporting similarity searches in a structured P2P system is proposed. Compared to other existing works, our approach shows great improvement in precision and guarantees the file availability. The experimental results show the effectiveness of our approach.


Peer to Peer Similarity Search Dimension Reduction iDistance 


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