Study on Win–Win Doctor Training System Based on Subject Construction

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How to use the institutional innovation to improve the quality and level of the doctoral training is an important issue to be solved for higher education reform and development. This paper begins from concentrating subject research direction, strengthen the continuity of research direction, builds doctor training system which based on the subject and build a platform where doctoral students can do their research, studying and communicate with each other by establishing the integration of resources which based on the discipline. Based on subject characteristic and the need of discipline construction and development, set up doctor training system which combine the discipline construction and the relative polices that doctoral students can take part in the discipline construction, curriculum building, teaching activities and academic exchange and so on.


Doctor training system PhD  Students’ cultivation Subject construction 


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  1. 1.Hebei Province Key Laboratory of Occupational Health and Safety for Coal Industry, Division of Epidemiology and Health StatisticsHebei United UniversityTang ShanChina

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