Efficient Scheme to Improve the Technological Innovation Abilities of Special Industrial Bases

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The technological innovation is a key step to enhance the core competitiveness of special industrial bases. At present, the special industrial bases all over the country begin to develop from the scale-expanded development stage into the quality-improved mature stage, and the innovation driving has been an inevitable choice for the industrial bases to be optimized and upgraded. Strengthening the research abilities of enterprise technology centers and technological incubators, establishing public technological service platforms, extending “the commercial application of politics, productions and researches” innovation R&D cooperation carriers, improving the public service systems of industrial bases and regulating macro-management frameworks are the effective paths to improve the technological innovation abilities of special industrial bases.


Industrial bases Technological innovation Synchronous development Paths 



Fund Project: Key Subjects of 2010 Liaoning social sciences Foundation (L10AJY001).


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