The Legal Situation of Same-Sex Couples in Greece and Cyprus

  • Spyridon DrososEmail author
  • Aristoteles Constantinides


This chapter explores in depth the question of the legal recognition of same-sex couples in Greece and Cyprus. The chapter begins by presenting and critically examining the (narrow reading of) existing law in both countries, and concludes that, according to the dominant view, same-sex couples are excluded from both civil marriage and civil unions. The picture is further complemented by an analysis of the most consequential judicial rulings, both already delivered and pending. As evidenced through the discussed case-law and reports of independent authorities, there is room for optimism in these two countries regarding the future developments in the legal protection of same-sex couples. Interestingly, any change in the law in both countries will bear the stamp of Strasbourg and Brussels.


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The authors wish to thank Zinaida Onoufriou and Nasia Dionysiou of the Office of the Cyprus Ombudsman for their kind help.


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