Geological Characteristic and Genesis of YuLu Pb–Sn Deposit Metallogenesis in HuiZe, YunNan

  • Chunzhong Ni
  • Shitao Zhang
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering book series (LNEE, volume 223)


The Yulu deposit is predominantly contained in the gray fine grained crystalline dolostone upper part of the Yuhucun formation. To determine metallogenic material source, the geological characteristics and genesis of the Yulu deposit of NE Yunnan are summarized according to lithofacies paleogeograph, the ore deposit, and isotope geochemical characteristics. From the result, this ore deposit is formed by the eruption deposit of marine volcanism and the later reformation. The gas–liquid for later alteration may be related to large area Emeishan basaltic magma eruption.


Yulu Pb–Zn deposit Geological characteristics Genesis HuiZe county 



The author wishes to express sincere thanks to Chihong Zinc germanium group for the support of research activities.


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