One Commutativity Condition of Jacobson Semi-Simple Ring

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The study of ring commutativity was beneficial for discussion of some properties about rings. At the same time, commutative rings were studied in Commutative Algebra. To study some important properties on rings, study of commutativity of rings became more and more important. He used some methods and theorems from the literature on the central element, and then gave some proof about semi-prime ring commutativity conditions. When R is the division ring or R is J-semi simple ring, he hierarchically certificate that ring is commutativity, given the final conclusions, other conclusions can be proof similarly. It is the promotion of some conclusions, by weakening conditions; it had a broader range of applications.


Semi-prime ring Non-zero divisor Commutativity 



I appreciate the assistance and encouragement of my teachers and colleagues, in the process of thesis writing. As a teacher, I deeply feel that the knowledge is an ocean and I will continue to explore and learn. Hope to go further in this piece of Knowledge Ocean. The articles of many teachers gave me a lot of help, and they provided me with many good ideas, so I am grateful to the teachers who pay hard work in the process of the ring exchange theory.


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