Star Formation in the Milky Way: The Infrared View

  • Alberto Noriega-CrespoEmail author
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Part of the Astrophysics and Space Science Proceedings book series (ASSSP, volume 34)


I present a brief review of the some of the most recent and active topics of star formation process in the Milky Way using mid and far infrared observations, and motivated by the research being carried out by our science group using the data gathered by the Spitzer and Herschel space telescopes. These topics include bringing together the scaling relationships found in extragalactic systems with that of the local nearby molecular clouds, the synthetic modeling of the Milky Way and estimates of its star formation rate.


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The bulk of this contribution was written during two visits to Paris, I thank Francois Boulanger and Ken Ganga for providing me with a working environment to complete it. I also thank the Organizing Committee for their kind invitation.


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