Private Kindergarten Management Characteristics and Values

  • Zhilong Cheng
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The private kindergarten management to economic efficiency as the core, the target enterprise operation mode; Business activities marketization; Pursue the expected profit is greater than the cost of the main character, The market orientation, competition orientation, performance orientation, service innovation orientation, the value orientation of orientation. Its value orientation and enterprise is different, its development process through the orientation of the stage for survival; Outstanding education value orientation stage; Rational thinking, science of doing the innovation and service orientation stage. We should correct understanding the pursuit of private kindergarten benefit instinct, but its profit can only be modest.


Private The kindergarten Management 



This article is department of education in Anhui province teaching research project “based on combining study of local university student’s pioneering work ability training research” (20101100) results. The wan jiang urban and regional development strategy wanbei talents support the comparative study of the (SK2012A007).


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