Study of Social Impact of Shanghai World Expo

  • Shunyong Yang
  • Xuan Xu
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering book series (LNEE, volume 227)


The sources of the research are the survey to Shanghai residents. The research analyzes the 16 main evaluating indicators which measure the social impact on the Shanghai World Expo. The result of the analysis will be different according to the different profession of the interviewees. The purpose of the research is to direct the development, planning, and operation of the large social activity. The research will also set up harmonious relationship of host and guest, and realize the all-win of the large social activity, society, and travelers. At the same time, the research will be a reference to the government department, the director of the large social activity, and the management and some sponsors of the relative organizers, such as enterprise and public institutions.


Shanghai World Expo Social impact Sensation Variation analysis 



Supported by Innovation Program of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission (11ZS181) and Social science foundation from Shanghai Institute of Technology (SJ2010-13)


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  1. 1.Shanghai Institute of Technology, 200235Shanghai Aurora Secondary Professional SchoolShanghaiChina

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