Current and Potential Applications of Cryogenic Treated Polymers

  • Paolo BaldisseraEmail author
  • Cristiana Delprete


As the use of polymers in structural components and power transmission systems has grown in the last decades, the demand for improved mechanical performances of these materials is increasing. Besides fibre reinforcement, the research about thermal treatments and surface coatings of these materials is focused on obtaining more strength and resistance to fatigue and wear. In this direction, a contribution can be given by unconventional treatments such as cryogenics. The use of deep cryogenic treatment (DCT) on polymers is already claimed as miraculous by some companies. The analysis of peer-reviewed literature shows that it is not all marketing: many pure and reinforced polymers have shown DCT improvements in hardness and in wear resistance under controlled experimental conditions. Starting from these results, a general overview of potential DCT applications on polymeric products is given in order to suggest further developments and research areas.


Deep cryogenic treatment Wear Polymers Mechanical behaviour 


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