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The interaction between colloids is the key to controlling their stability and structuring. The application of atomic force microscopy on the force measurement gives us the opportunity to investigate the interaction of colloids under one dimensional confinement. The previous AFM work of colloids were mainly focused on studying their structuring between two smooth solid confining surfaces and only on one quantity charactering the structuring: the wavelength of the oscillation. In this thesis three characteristic quantities of the structuring of silica nanoparticles between two smooth solid surfaces were considered and compared with the bulk counterparts, by combining AFM and SAXS two experimental techniques. In the meanwhile, experimental results are compared to those of Monte Carlo simulations [1–3]. AFM measurements on rough surface(s) and deformable surface were further applied to investigate the effect of confining surface properties on the corresponding structuring. In addition, uncharged colloids: non-ionic surfactant micelles were used in AFM to study the effect of surface charge and deformability of the colloids.


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