Automatic Generation of Provably Correct Embedded Systems

  • Shang-Wei Lin
  • Yang Liu
  • Pao-Ann Hsiung
  • Jun Sun
  • Jin Song Dong
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 7635)


With the demand for new and complicated features, embedded systems are becoming more and more difficult to design and verify. Even if the design of a system is verified, how to guarantee the consistency between the design and its implementation remains a big issue. As a solution, we propose a framework that can help a system designer to model his or her embedded system using a high-level modeling language, verify the design of the system, and automatically generate executable software codes whose behavior semantics are consistent with that of the high-level model. We use two case studies to demonstrate the effectiveness of our framework.


State Machine Model Check Operational Semantic Active Object Label Transition System 
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  • Shang-Wei Lin
    • 1
  • Yang Liu
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  • Pao-Ann Hsiung
    • 2
  • Jun Sun
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  • Jin Song Dong
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  1. 1.Temasek LaboratoriesNational University of SingaporeSingapore
  2. 2.National Chung Cheng UniversityChia-YiTaiwan
  3. 3.Singapore University of Technology and DesignSingapore
  4. 4.National University of SingaporeSingapore

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