Some Results on Ultrasonic Image Generation with Biomimetic Sonar Head and Focused Narrow Beams

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Airborne ultrasonic images are not often used in practice, mainly because of the poor propagation properties (high absorption) of ultrasonic waves and necessary high computation resources. The paper presents preliminary results of ultrasonic image generation and processing system by a biomimetic sonar head and narrow beams focused on target. The images are generated by a discrete and uniform exploring approach, i.e. the environment is uniformly scanned. Experiments were conducted for 11 cases, based on the combination of 3 main objects, and various image resolutions, 20x20 and 40x40. The objective of the experiments was to estimate the complexity of the ultrasonic image generation method, provided the final purpose, i.e. the recognition of the objects in the image. The results are encouraging and suggest optimization of the proposed method.


ultrasonic signals image detection signal processing pattern recognition sonar 


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  1. 1.Electronics and Telecommunications Department“Dunarea de Jos” University of GalatiGalatiRomania

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