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Evolution in mobile technology has entailed development of thousands of application every week. Android being one of the dominant mobile platforms provides vast number of efficient, fast, user friendly apps. This paper has reviewed and analyzed an android application which aims at all the android users and /or web users who are paving their way to digitize their life style. Considering the eminence and importance of the Android Operating System, we planned to device Digital life software agent that provides you with the opportunity to capture ideas, experiences and inspirations. In addition to making it easy to remember things; it lets you perform day-to-day activities, big and small using your computer, phone, tablet and the web by note taking. It is mainly developed for the Android OS installed smart phones and is accessible from website too. There are many applications that offer features similar to the Digital life application like Catch Notes, Tap Note and Personal Assistance but this is a complete feature-packed application that supports additional feature for better functionality that helps users to organize their daily life applications, setting remainders, alarms and memos.


Digital Life software agent Android synchronization 


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