Towards Exhaustive Pairwise Matching in Large Image Collections

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Exhaustive pairwise matching on large datasets presents serious practical challenges, and has mostly remained an unexplored domain. We make a step in this direction by demonstrating the feasibility of scalable indexing and fast retrieval of appearance and geometric information in images. We identify unification of database filtering and geometric verification steps as a key step for doing this. We devise a novel inverted indexing scheme, based on Bloom filters, to scalably index high order features extracted from pairs of nearby features. Unlike a conventional inverted index, we can adapt the size of the inverted index to maintain adequate sparsity of the posting lists. This ensures constant time query retrievals. We are thus able to implement an exhaustive pairwise matching scheme, with linear time complexity, using the ‘query each image in turn’ technique. We find the exhaustive nature of our approach to be very useful in mining small clusters of images, as demonstrated by a 73.2% recall on the UKBench dataset. In the Oxford Buildings dataset, we are able to discover all the query buildings. We also discover interesting overlapping images connecting distant images.


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