Analysis and Optimization of Torque Variation in Steering Column Assembly

  • Guohui Yan
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering book series (LNEE, volume 198)


The steering torque variation which is an important evaluation index of the vehicle handling stability directly influences the feeling of driving. The objective of this chapter is to optimize the hard points and the phase angle of steering column assembly in order to reduce the torque variation to the minimum, and improve the vehicle handling stability. In this chapter, the formulas for accurate calculation of the angular velocity ratio and the torque variation in double cross universal joints system are deduced according to the transmission analysis of single cross universal joint. Based on the study of the formula for approximate calculation of the rotational angle deviation in double cross universal joints system and the calculation of the torque variation using MATLAB software, an effective optimization method of the phase angle which could be applied to reduce the angular velocity ratio and the torque variation is obtained. The torque variation could be calculated exactly and reduced to the minimum by using the optimization method and formulas in the early stage of steering column assembly layout. The formulas and optimization method could also be applied to other cross universal joints transmission system.


Torque variation Universal joint Angular velocity ratio Phase angle Steering column assembly 


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